Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mt Tamalpais, 6/25/11

Parked on Belvedere Avenue. There is not a lot of parking; be sure to come early if you want to park by the trailhead.
Matt Davis Trail, Pantoll Ranger Station, Steep Ravine Trail, Dipsea Trail, Highway 1, Belvedere Ave.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Salt Point State Park, 6/11/11-6/12/11

Camped at the Woodside campground. We made our way to the beach on a trail from the campsite. It was not a maintained trail, if it was a trail at all. I recommend walking on the paved road back to the highway, and crossing the highway to a marked trail.

At the little visitor center, there was a nest of birds (barn sparrows, if I remember correctly) near the doorway. The parent bird would not come back to the nest if we were outside, so we had to observe through the door window.

Having fun taking macro shots.

Wandering about on the tafoni structures.

Having a waterproof camera is awesome!

Taken at a Russian Gulch, a beach we stopped at along the way home. There was a little parking lot you can turn into, with a short trail that leads to the beach (but lengthy and with enough plant growth that you can't see the beach from the trailhead).