Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mendocino, 5/14/16-5/15/16

5/14/15, Hendy Woods State Park
Drove up to Mendocino on Saturday.  We stopped at Hendy Woods State Park along the way.  Weather was sunny and cloudy, and it sprinkled for a little bit.  It was an easy-going level hike.
Hermit Hut #1
Hermit Hut #2

We stayed the night at the Andiron in Little River.  We seized the opportunity to use their outdoor hot tub and their dvd library (checked out The Neverending Story).

5/15/16, Less than 1 mile.  Little River Blowhole.  This is located right by a tiny cemetery.  There was a rope tied to some fencing for people who dared go down into the hole.  Tempted as we were, we didn't want to risk it.
Would you trust this rope?

After visiting the blowhole, we headed back for breakfast at the Andiron.  We packed up, and visited
Russian Gulch State Park.  Like last year's trip to Van Damme State Park, Russian Gulch provide lots of greenery.


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