Monday, May 30, 2016

Redding, 5/28/16-5/30/16

5/28/16; Drove up to Redding for Memorial Day.  Went to Lassen National Park.  Highway 89 was closed, but we had already planned on hiking Chaos Crags, so the closure didn't affect us.  But the entrance fee was $20 for 7 days.  If time of day wasn't an issue, we should have gone to Whiskeytown first, because it's only $10.  Parking at the Chaos Crags trailhead was limited, so we parked at the Manzanita Lake parking lot at 12:00, ate a quick lunch and started hiking at 12:30.
5 miles; Manzanita Lake Parking, Chaos Crags trail, Crag Crags Lake, Loomis Museum, Manzanita Lake Parking.
Nymphalis antiopa, mourning cloak
Sarcodes sanguinea, snow plant

We stayed in Anderson at the Motel 6 for the weekend.  This was our second time staying here.  We watched our first episode of Naked and Afraid on our previous visit.  This time there was a marathon!  This hotel does not provide shampoo.

5//29/16; Boulder Creek Falls, Whiskeytown National Park.  5.5 miles.
We finally did it!  First time attempting this hike, we got lost.  Second time, there was a fire in Weaverville and the air was filled with smoke.  Third time, success!  There were mosquitos.  Wear bug repellent!
Crossing #1
Crossing #2
Crossing #3
Boulder Creek Falls
Rubbing plaque for the waterfall passport.
Adelpha bredowii, California sister
This one really liked C.
Baby mantid!  It was only about 1 cm long.
5/30/16; Colusa National Wildlife Refuge.  We decided to check out the refuge on the way home.  We drove the auto tour.  It was pretty dry and empty.  We saw two pheasants (we think) fighting, but then they ran off when our car approached.  Best time to visit is the winter.  We didn't see too much.


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